Call for Performers for INBC Fall Carnival 2020
We are excited to host our online Fall Carnival on Oct 17, 2020 featuring Lebanese Simon and Darshan Dance Company! In addition to the seminars, all are invited to perform dance or music in our online hafla. Both Indiana Bellydance Collective members and guests are welcome to perform.

You (and every person performing in your video/feed) MUST be registered and paid in advance for at least one workshop. We WILL NOT AIR any video or livestream performance where a performer has not paid (even if just one person in a group). If payment/registration is not received by October 5th, we will remove your performance from the lineup.

You can register and learn more about the Fall Carnival here:

INBC reserves the right to edit performances for audio/picture quality, length, or other needs as they arise.

You can contact us with questions about the Fall Carnival at or specifically about performing at
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What are the real names of each performer? (the name you used to register for a workshop) *
What is your stage name(s), troupe or band name? *
Are you a member of Indiana Bellydance Collective? *
Please provide the name of the musician and song/track/album name that you will use. *
What is the exact length of your performance? *
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Does your performance have a particular theme or description? What style of music or dance will you perform? *
Will you perform live or pre-recorded video? *
If pre-recorded video, you must submit: 1) a high-definition (HD) mp4 video file AND 2) a timed version (cut) mp3 file of the music you will use by the deadline of September 18. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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