Amarok is a music player, so to test it you will either want regular speakers or headphones. Please also make sure that the for the duration of the test only one output system is attached (e.g. if you want to test with analog speakers, try to avoid HDMI monitors etc.)
To conduct this test you will additionally need one MP3 file (or more) as well as a new installation (alternatively remove all libgstreamer-codecs- packges, except for the ones named -good and -base).


You will be presented with short test cases that can either work or not work. If you wish to skip a test case, simply do not select either.

Please use the comments fields below the tests whenever you wish to note what went wrong or when something seems odd.

Furthermore it is highly encouraged that you file bugs about incorrect behavior. But most important when you encouter a crash, please report it as a bug, there is no guarantee that anyone else will get this crash and report the bug.
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