Winter Share 2017-18
Welcome to online registration for Winter shares for 2017-18!

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a mutually beneficial partnership where urban consumers receive fresh, nutritious vegetables while helping to sustain the livelihoods and stewardship of regional farmers. In a CSA arrangement the farmer pre-sells “shares” of his or her farm’s upcoming harvest to individuals, families, and institutions.

***Please read carefully, our policies are different during the summer and winter seasons***


The winter share will consist of a vegetable share and optional fruit share as well as several add-on shares from Equal Exchange and Purcell Mountain (see below) No half shares are available, though you may independently share with a friend if you like. Pickup will be on 4 TUESDAYS, from 5:00-8:00 pm.
Delivery 1 - December 12
Delivery 2 - January 9
Delivery 3 - February 6
Delivery 4 - March 6

ORGANIC VEGETABLE WINTER SHARE - $118 - Bigger boxes this year!
15+ lbs per box grown on our farm and sourced from other local, organic family farms. (Actual crops depend on availability): Potatoes, Watermelon Radish, Purple Top Turnips, Parsnips, Rutabaga, Carrots, Beets, Leeks, Winter Squash and Cabbage. If we have a warm December, the first box may include greens from the fields. Exact contents to be determined.

Apple share NON-ORGANIC BRIERMERE FARM APPLE SHARE - $32 (must sign for veggies as well)
4 pounds of apples per delivery.

Add-ons: Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate from Equal exchange (delivered on Dec 12)
Grains , Beans and Flour (delivered on January 9 and March 6)

Our CSA (like most CSAs) require our members to volunteer each season. We mainly need volunteers to staff our pick-ups on Tuesday evenings and to assist with truck unloading on Tuesday afternoons. You can choose either to assist with delivery (before the start of pick up, usually 1 pm), an early (4:40-6:40) or late (6:20-8:20) shift or to deliver unclaimed shares to a food pantry at 8pm.

If you are unable to volunteer, we are offering a limited number of non/volunteering slots. You may choose this option on the volunteer sign up sheet. You will be billed an additional $30.

1. In order to register, you must first select a volunteer slot. You can do that now, by clicking on this link;
it will open in another window (tab).
2. Fill out the application below.
3. We will invoice you, and give you information about where to send your check or how to pay with PAYPAL.
4. Your payment must be received within 1 week of the invoice date.PLEASE do not drop off checks to FHJC!
5. IF YOU ARE SPLITTING YOUR SHARE: ONE PARTNER MUST PAY THE FULL AMOUNT! We can no longer accept 2 payments per share.

We subsidize a limited number of low-income shares. If you would like to apply for a low-income share, or if you have any other financial questions, please contact our core group at

Don't forget! Sign up for a volunteer slot at BEFORE continuing on to register.

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Core Group interest
The Forest Hills Tuv Core group is a dedicated group of volunteers who work hard to keep the CSA running. Organizing a CSA takes a lot of effort, from recruiting and signing up members, to managing our finances, responding to member questions, running special events, managing social media, producing the newsletter, and coordinating volunteer shifts.Are you interested in being part of the Tuv Ha'Aretz Core Commitee? If interested, please state below how you'd like to contribute.A core group member will contact with you. P
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No half shares are available; you may independently share with a friend . See list of veggies above
Fruit Share only with vegetables *
Fruit share is $32. How many shares would you like?
Organic Extremely Dark Chocolate (88 % Cacao)
(1 share=12 bars $30) How many shares of Equal Exchange Organic Extremely Dark Chocolate (88 % Cacao)
Organic Milk Chocolate Caramel Crunch with Sea Salt (41% Cacao)
(1 share=12 bars $30) How many shares of Equal Exchange Organic Milk Chocolate Caramel Crunch with Sea Salt (41% Cacao)
Organic Dark Chocolate with Almonds
(1 share=12 bars $30.) How many shares of Equal Exchange Organic Dark Chocolate with Almonds
Organic Love Buzz Coffee (ground)
(1 share=6 12 oz. packages) $39.60. How many shares would you like?
Organic SISTER'S BLEND COFFEE (whole bean)
(1 share = five 1 1lb. packages) $37. How many shares would you like?
Organic Peppermint Tea
Equal Exchange Organic Peppermint Tea $17 (1 share =6 boxes of Tea)
Special Order Equal Exchange?
If you want any other items from the Equal Exchange Catalog, please list them here. We will add 3% to cover our costs. Note that most teas will be $17, most coffee will be 39.60 , and 12 chocolate bars will be $30. Find the catalog at
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Organic Beans (variety) from Purcell Mountain
You will receive two 1 lb bags at each delivery. Beans included (2 per delivery) Kidney, Split Pea, Steuben, Anasizi, $20 How many shares would you like?
Organic Flour
You will receive one 3 pound bag of flour per delivery. Corn Flour, Buckwheat. $18
Organic Grains (variety) from Purcell Mountain farms
You will receive two 1 lb. bags of grain per delivery: Barley, Quinoa, Sorghum, Whole Wheat Cous Cous. $20 How many shares would you like?
Bulk Grains from Purcell Mountain
You will receive two 3 lb bags of the above grains at each delivery. $52. How many shares would you like?
Bulk Beans from Purcell Mountain
You will receive two 3 lb bags of beans at each delivery. Same varieties as Bean share. More economical. $52 How many shares of Bulk beans
Please total your share
see prices above - double check your math :) Note: we will add the cost for any specially ordered Equal Exchange item you've indicated. DO NOT include it in your total, but write PLUS Special Order (e.g. $118 Plus Special Order)
Your answer
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