***PLS SHARE & INVITE ALL DEAF FRIENDS & FAMILIES! This opportunity- call for dancers is open to dancers from across MB.

About GetLive Project

GetLIVE Project is all about the creation of groundbreaking dance choreography performed by DeafDancers via LIVEYouTube Stream. Deaf Dancers will learn choreography to various hip hop songs that promote positivity, empowerment, inclusivity, and cultural appreciation.

Dancers who apply and are accepted will spend 5, 1 Hour dance sessions learning dance choreography that they will perform for YouTube on the 6th session. Deaf Dancers will have their hair and makeup professional done on the day of filming in partnership with ArtWithSas, and other Deaf production artists and technicians from Manitoba.

ASL Interpreters will be on site to translate communication between Choreographer and Deaf Dancers.
Difinity Dance believes all Artists should feel sassy and classy on stage whether or not they are differently abled.

Stephanie will be creating a final report by working with MB Researchers on How Deaf Dancers quality of lives improved from participation in this project.

Stephanie Strugar has created this project with the goals of:
1. Creating empowering professional dance opportunities for deaf performers
2. Promoting dignity, ability, and potential of deaf performers
3. Promoting ASL as an official language
4. Removing stigma's and barriers deaf performers face in the performance industry.

About the Choreographer
Stephanie Strugar has started this project after researching deaf and disabled opportunities for training and performing in Manitoba, and found that there were not consistent opportunities for these performers to engage in professional opportunities in theatre, film, and TV. As a person with an invisible disability she understands the barriers and challenges disabled performers face in education and performance opportunities, and desires to open minds of audiences locally and globally.

How To Get Involved
STEP 1: Apply via google form here.
Dancers who are accepted will be sent an acceptance letter.
STEP 2: Dancer is then expected to confirm their participation via email to: difini.dancecrews@gmail.com and provide the tuition fee of $85.00 at time of registration in order to participate. Depending on sponsorship level, some dancers depending on income level will have their tuition reimbursed.
STEP 3: Attend rehearsals on said dates.

Dancers ages 13 and up from across Manitoba who identify as Deaf. Dancers who are able to learn choreography in a fast paced environment and can rehearse choreography from rehearsals at their own pace at home.

$45 Registration Fee (This goes towards the cost of videography, photography, graphic design of T-shirts, honorarium)
$30 Deaf Dance Crew T-Shirt Fee
$10 Costuming/ Hair & Makeup Fee
Total: $85.00
****Choreographer and the space has been generously sponsored to make this project happen. Depending on the level of public and private sponsorship we receive for this project, some dancers will receive a reimbursement for their tuition depending on income level.****

We are seeking 1 photographer, and 1 videographer to be present from 1:30pm to 2:00pm on Filming Day to capture this project. Preference will be given to Deaf Digital Artists, and Deaf students. This project is non-union, volunteer orientated. Honorarium's may be available dependant on the level of sponsorship we receive for this project.

We are seeking 1 to 2 makeup artists and hair stylists to do the hair and makeup of dancers on the day of filming at Difinity Dance Studio and Productions in preparation of filming. Preference will be given to deaf stylists and artists. This project is non-union, volunteer orientated. Honorarium's may be available dependant on the level of sponsorship we receive for this project.

Interested makeup artists, hair stylists, videographers and photographers can submit their interest in writing to: difini.dancecrews@gmail.com or Contact: Stephanie S for more information.

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Are there any medical conditions the Choreographer or ASL Interpreter should be aware of in case of emergency? If yes, please explain below.
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Are you willing to have your hair and makeup professionally done by our Staff Stylist on day of filming? *
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Are you willing to fill out a 1 to 2 page research questionnaire after the filming about the quality of the project? (The feedback you give will be utilized by Difinity Dance and Affiliates for the purpose of evaluating current performance arts education and performing opportunities in Manitoba.) *
Can you learn dance in fast-paced environment with the help of ASL Interpreters? *
Are you able to rehearse on your own time in between rehearsals by watching the choreography on video? (The Choreographer will send it to you) *
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