Massachusetts Shooting Foundation Grant Application
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Use of funds for firearms purchase is not allowed.

Attachments in support of your application must be sent by e-mail to no later than the application deadline.

You may submit your application at any time. Early submission is appreciated and encouraged to allow adequate time to review your application and ensure that all required information has been included. Incomplete applications may not be considered for funding. If requesting multiple items then you will need to fill out multiple forms.
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Final evaluation and expenditure reports will be required for every grant awarded within one year. Please limit to 3-4 paragraphs or approximately 200 words.
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Other Funders – List other committed or potential funders and the amounts committed or requested for the program/project.
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Awarding of Grants
Applicants whose proposals have been approved may receive a Letter of Agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the grant. An authorized organization official must sign and return the letter to us, thereby indicating acceptance of the terms and conditions of the award. This letter will also highlight arrangements for payment of the grant. The recipient is responsible for any taxes that may arise from the grant.
Responsibility of Recipient
The recipient of any grant from the foundation must use the funds awarded for the specific purpose described in the grant application.
We require that a detailed accounting of all funds along with a follow-up report be submitted no more than one year from the date of the award.
I certify that any grant will not be used for direct purchase of firearms. *
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