Dear City Councilmembers,

I am writing to voice my support for our local independent restaurants and their employees. I support the right of workers to CHOOSE to organize, but I absolutely do not support policies that allow unions to intimidate or coerce employees they do not even represent.

I understand that you are considering implementing a labor peace agreement requirement because you are worried union picketing will hurt city lease revenue. We don’t believe you should give in to this aggressive union pressure, and we ask that you stand up for the independent local businesses that give our community its unique character.
Lease interruption is clearly a problem manufactured by the union itself, and rather than acquiesce to this pressure, we request that you reinstate the protections of our Noise Ordinance which were removed in March of this year. This is a much more fair and transparent way to protect lease revenue. While outdoor dining may be exempt from the LPA requirement, no outdoor dining is safe while the union can use painfully loud sound to intimidate workers, diners, and local restaurant employers.

We also ask that you follow the recommendation of one-hundred percent of the speakers who spoke at your October 24 hearing, and reject the proposed labor peace agreement requirement. Neither of these policies were requested by Santa Monica residents, and as our representatives, we hope you will hear our concerns.

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