HCS Request for Community Advertisement
The flier that you are submitting will be reviewed to see if it meets the guidelines for distribution in the schools.
-Materials must be be in bundle of 25.
-Materials are not allowed to be delivered to the schools until approved by the Board of Education office.

Fliers will not be approved for the following reason(s):
- Activities must primarily support the student's interest rather that the interest of the supporting group.
- Materials may not reference, enhance, or inhibit religion.
- Materials may not contain racial or ethnic slur.
- Contain information that would create concern for student safety.
- The information promoted has no school-related purpose.

Materials shall be required to have a school related purpose, except for the following:
1. Materials from non-profit groups, providing athletic and/or recreational opportunities for students shall be considered.
2. Materials from non-profit organizations dedicated to providing services to children shall be considered.

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Will Scholarships be available for students?
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