The Ashburn Turner Co. Chamber of Commerce wants to know to what extent the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has affected regional business operations. Please take five minutes of your time to answer the following questions.

The purpose of this survey is to measure the rapidly changing business environment surrounding COVID-19.

The information will be used to inform local, state and federal leaders as real-time impact information is crucial to align policy to the true challenges facing the business community. This information will also be used to help prioritize relief efforts and assist with connecting you to resources, as available.

Information collected is confidental and will only be used to look at data for the health of the business community.

Please also fill out the REGIONAL Covid Impact Study produced by the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce https://bit.ly/3cb8Rbs
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What is the name of your business?
Which of the following categories describes your business?
Has your business been negatively impacted by Covid-19?
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If you answered "No" to Question 3, what are the main reasons? (Check all that apply)
How has this crisis impacted your business profitability?
If your business has been negatively affected by the crisis, what signals have you received in the last two weeks to suggest this? (Select all that apply.) If your business has not been negatively affected, please select N/A.
Please indicate the level of threat that you expect to feel from the following sources toward the continuation of your daily operations during the next three months: *
Significant Threat
Modest Threat
No Threat
Lost of income and cash
Negative cash flow, due to delayed sales or income
Increased Expenses (overtime cots, outsourcing, expediting)
Loss of workforce
Regulartory fines
Customer dissatisfaction
Delay in executing business or strategic plan
How long will your current cash sustain your organization given the current evironment?
What strategies has your business employed in dealing with the impacts of the COVID-19?
Is your business in need of a product or service to support your efforts of responding to COVID-19 and the related economic impact?
How many people does your business employ?
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What resources can the Chamber provide you and your business to support your response to COVID-19 and the related economic impact?
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