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This does not complete your order. You must also write a check to WGHS Academy Boosters or bring for the amount you order. Place in money/check in envelope. Label envelope with with student's name and AP ACADEMY BOOSTERS. There is a box in the front office for Capstone Boosters. Just give to someone at the front office to put in the box. THANKS
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I understand I need to fill out the form below by answer what style, color and size I want AND pay by cash or check by dropping off payment in envelope in the front office with Capstone Boosters and student name on the outside of envelope. *
Short Sleeve Black - $15
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Long Sleeve Black - $17
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Hoodie Sweatshirt Black - $33
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Short sleeve t-shirt Gray - $15
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long sleeve t-shirt Gray - $15
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Hoodie Sweatshirt Gray - $33
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Total I am to Pay in Cash or Checks made out to WGHS AP Academy Boosters *
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