The SURPLUS survey
THANKS FOR BEING HERE :D. By filling out the SURPLUS survey you can inspire us, tease us, or make us feel proud. But most important: You will help us to make the RIGHT STUFF in small quantities so we don't waste a single piece of cloth.

For every one hundred taking this survey - we will draw one, who gets a free SURPLUS item. This is why we ask for your email address. Have fun filling out below.

Much Love / Magda Buczek
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How do you feel about second-hand clothing?
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What is your FAVORITE vintage item in your closet? Chose as many as you like.
Which SURPLUS text would you wear for a party?
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Do you have any SURPLUS items?
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Which things from SURPLUS do you find most interesting? Chose as many as you like.
What do you like about SURPLUS?
How did you find out about SURPLUS?
Would you be interested in sending us clothing for printing?
We are always open to inputs and especially new and crazy ideas: Do you have any tips or ideas for us what to do next?
Do you know people who run spaces, events, or galleries, who would be interested in having SURPLUS dropping by?
- If YES or MAYBE: Please provide us with name and contact information here:
How old are you? It's okay to put your mental age rather than your physical.
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How do you identify?
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Where do you live?
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