ComSoc Bursary Application
Please fill out all questions honestly and to the best of your ability. Note that in accordance with Queen's University policy, any cases of fraud or deliberate misrepresentation will be sent directly to the appropriate committee for disciplinary action. Your application remains anonymous throughout the entire process.

As per ComSoc policy, your application must be submitted before the conference start date or it will not be considered.

PROCESS: Internal bursaries are assessed by a group of 5 assembly members on ComSoc. Members review bursary applications anonymously to ensure unbiased grading assessment. Bursaries are marked using a numerical grading scheme, and factor criteria such as financial need, interest level, and application style and presentation. Once each BARC member completes the application’s evaluation, the scores are consolidated using a weighted average, which then determines the application’s result. Applicants will be contacted via email with respect to their application success or denial. Due to the large volume of applications, no feedback will be provided for denied bursary applications.

TIMING: Applications are reviewed on a weekly basis. Applications received from Monday through Saturday will be assessed on every Sunday. Applicants can expect to receive confirmation of their application result on the following Monday or Tuesday. Please see the timeline below.

Please time your applications accordingly with the bursary timeline and the delegate fee deadline. If you have been accepted as a conference delegate, but you have not yet received your bursary application results (and your attendance is contingent on a bursary), then please reach out to the conference delegate coordinator to request an extension for the delegate fee deadline.

If you have any further questions, the bursary process is further detailed in ComSoc policy, under the Resources tab on the ComSoc website.

Bursary Timeline
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