2018-2019 Music Offering Signup
First Church of Christ (Congregational) United Church of Christ in Mansfield, CT
Thanks for signing up for the Music Offering! Please contact Jimmy at 203-936-8053 or jimmybuccini@gmail.com with any questions!
About You (or Your Group)
**Please fill out separate forms for yourself as a soloist and for any ensemble you are signing up (if needed).**
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Who is singing/playing? *
Please indicate who will be singing and/or playing, and what instruments will be used (if any). If you're not sure right now, leave this part blank, and you can let Jimmy know later. You can also put down what you are thinking of singing and/or playing. (e.g. Rick on Kazoo, Judith on trombone, Sean on vocals)
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Will you need accompaniment? *
Find hymn suggestions for reach Sunday here: https://www.umcdiscipleship.org/worship/lectionary-calendar
Available Dates
Please indicate you'd like to put together a *solo* or *ensemble* AND/OR if you're available for the pickup group on any of the days below. Select as many as possible. You will be contacted as soon as possible to confirm!.
Please note which dates are already taken.
I will sing/play
June 24-- (Held for Barb)
July 1 -- (Pickup Ensemble Scheduled)
July 8 -- (Erik)
July 15 --- (Scheduled -Cheryl and Laurel)
July 22 -- (Schedule - Jeanne)
August 5 -- (Scheduled: Cheryl)
August 12 - (Scheduled Barb)
August 19 (Scheduled - Julia)
August 26 (Scheduled: Jeanne)
September 2 (Pick-Up Ensemble)
December (Christmas Eve?)
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