Thargoid Surface Site Survey
If you are manually entering data, please make sure you fill in the details accurately so your effort isn't wasted. The top priority now if to get aerial screenshots using freecam or using night vision from within the cockpit (hi res). Please makes sure you count the number of leviathans to help categorize the sites
Your commander name. Leave blank if you wish to be anonymous
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The planet name omitting the system name. Eg HIP 17862 11 E would just be 11 E
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Aerial Screenshot
Please provide a link to an aerial screenshot of the site. Please fill the screen. You will need to host this yourself on imgur or some other free hosting site. If the site is dark the disable your HUD (ctrl-alt-G) and take a high res (Alt-F10) through the cockpit.
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Leviathan Count
Count the number of leviathans. These are the gigantic insect like structures in the indentations. Only count the ones that look whole. Small collections of bones do not count. I you arent sure just leave this blank as we will be analyzing the images after the survey is complete.
Show on the scale how good the visibility is
Too Dark
Leviathans are large structures surrounding the central area that look a bit like cockroaches
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