Jillian's Drawers Diaper Stripping Intake Form
Thanks for your interest in our diaper stripping service! In order to best serve you, we ask that you fill out this form before bringing in your diapers. Please note the following:
1. Stripping means removing detergent residues and mineral build-up from fabrics.
2. During this process, your diapers will be sanitized as well.
3. Generally, we find that this process will not fade colors on polyester diapers (your cute prints on pockets, AIOs, and diaper covers will look the same!). Cotton, bamboo, and/or hemp may experience color changes (will appear lighter/faded).
4. Your diapers will go through a more rigorous, industrial washing process. We find that this does not typically damage diapers when only done periodically, however we cannot guarantee that no damage will occur. We will look over your diapers for any damage before they are stripped. If a diaper appears to have been damaged during the process, we will replace it with a gently used diaper of approximate equal value.
5. For our diaper stripping service, the fee is $3.50 per pound. We will weigh your diapers once they are all ready for pick up; the stripping fee can be paid at the time of pick-up. If you are sending your diapers by mail, we will invoice you for all fees before mailing them back to you.
6. Diapers can be dropped off any day of the week. Diapers go out on Tuesday evenings and return on Friday afternoons. We typically sort our diaper laundry over the weekend. We will contact you once we have your stash ready to pick up.
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Thank you! If you would like any further suggestions on washing and maintaining your cloth diapers, just ask! We are always happy to help. We can be reached by phone or text at 607-272-1237, by email: orders@jilliansdrawers.com, or by Facebook Messenger.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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