Private (1 to 1) Business Acceleration Coaching

Private (1 to 1) Business Acceleration Coaching

Lesli's 1:1 Business Acceleration Coaching is reserved for SERIOUS practitioners who want to make a bigger impact in the world while generating more revenue and multiple streams of income in the next 6 months (and beyond!)

If you want to achieve results like:

*Booking 60 new client packages in 7.5 months

*Growing from Ground Zero to a Waiting List

*Making $30,000 on your next launch

*Generating an extra $2,000/month for a membership program

*Going from zero to $40,411 in 3 months

*Doubling your prices and working half as much

*Going from $11K/year to $28,000 in 3 months

*Making $100,000 in 6 months...

...then please fill out the application below.

Please note that I also offer a group coaching option - email my team at for more information.

*All of the above scenarios come from actual clients.

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Building your business takes an investment of energy, time, focus, and funds - but the payoffs are life-changing. Are you in a place where you can invest these necessary resources into building your practice?  Or, are there things that might take priority and get in the way? (Please be honest - no judgement!)
Please be honest - no judgement!
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When you become my client, you receive unparalleled support and handholding to ensure that you achieve your goals.  Because of this, I only accept a limited number of clients under my wing.   *
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