2018 Lindon PARC Tax Amenities Survey
In 2013 Lindon City Residents passed a Sales Tax Use program called P.A.R.C (Parks, Arts, Recreation & Culture) which is a .010% revenue from the Sales Tax collected in Lindon City. It generates between $300,000 and $400,000+ annually.
According to Utah State Code, the revenues collected can only be expended to finance cultural facilities, parks and recreational facilities, and zoological facilities or to pay for the ongoing operating expenses. This money however can be saved from year to year and combined in order to fund larger purchases or payments.
Thus far, Lindon City has been able to pay for either solely or in part, the NEOS electronic play system in the City Center park, Fryer Park playground and pavilion, Hollow Park pickleball courts, Aquatics Center lights, and several parks play amenities. The City has also been able to alleviate general tax fund money by paying for operations and utilities for recreation facilities. The revenue however, cannot be used for starting or maintaining specific programs. As funds are limited, Lindon City Parks & Recreation Department would like to know what Lindon residents consider priority projects and facilities. We also hope to get feedback on our current and future recreation programs. Please participate in this survey and help us plan for the future.
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Would you be in favor of allocating PARC Tax funds towards new amenities (slide, splash pad, private & semi-private picnic/party space, etc) *
What other amenities would you like to see at the Aquatics Center funded by the PARC Tax?
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How often do members of your household use the Lindon City Parks? *
Would you like to see new Parks amenities in Lindon City funded by the PARC Tax? *
PARC Tax funds can be used for amenities at Parks, Recreation, Historical and Arts facilities.
What new Parks amenities would you like to see funded by the PARC Tax in Lindon City?
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How often do your household use Lindon City Trails? (Heritage, Murdock, walking paths around parks, etc) *
Would you like to see trails in Lindon (new and/or repair of existing trails) funded from PARC Tax funds? *
Which of the following amenities would you like to see the PARC Tax revenue expended toward? Please choose up to 5 *
Utah Code Ann. §59-12-1401, et.seq.,states the PARC tax revenue can only be used for: Capital development and ongoing operations of government owned or operated recreational and cultural facilities, and for the ongoing operations of nonprofit cultural arts organizations. Recreational facilities are defined as and include parks, playgrounds, golf courses, athletic fields, gymnasiums, swimming pools, trail and bicycle systems, or other facilities used for recreational purposes. Cultural facilities include museums, theaters, art centers, music halls, or other cultural or arts facilities.Government owned or operated facilities are the only facilities eligible for PARC funds.
As you know, Lindon City government officials deal with a variety of pressing problems and issues. Which ONE issue do you feel deserves the GREATEST ATTENTION at the present time? If you don't know, leave blank.
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