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Please fill out as much information as you can to help us find the appropriate offerings for your event. From Soul Graffiti Productions and Rock The Bike, Thank you for your time!
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Can you provide links to images or video's of the event space we will be working with?
Is there a seating plan?
Does this location have easy access to water and bathroom facilities?
Do you have an overall security plan that would cover us & our gear?
If this is a public space, have you secured the necessary permits for your event, such as venue, sound, etc.?
Audience Size: what is the largest number of people listening at one time?
Staging: Do you plan to have an elevated stage? (Soul Graffiti Productions can supply staging with notice, offering alternative options, and/or customizing the size to best fit your needs)
Audio: do you already have any of the following technical requirements covered? We will need to connect you with our entertainment coordinator (Sound System, Sound Technician, Backline of instruments, etc.) We generally prefer to do all-inclusive packages, as we can guarantee the most affective ways of operations cohesively.
Power: do you anticipate needing pedal power for devices beyond our audio equipment? Examples: cell phones, projector, lighting, recording gear.
Performers & Emcee: who are the featured acts at your event?  (such as: compelling facts and humor: •Presenting How It Works: The science and design of Pedal Power systems)•Planting Seeds for Audience Transformation: Why ride bikes? And other personal choices that can have a collective impact. Where does Pedal Power fit into the bigger environmental picture?
What is the purpose of this event? (Why are you bringing people together? What is your end goal? etc.)
Do you have a budget for our services? Fees range from approximately $800 to $12,000 per day
Will production support banners be allowed behind the stage? Encouraged?
Do you want to have a ‘kids section’ where children can pedal? If so, we will recommend bringing more kid-friendly bikes and dedicated crew members to ensure safety and adequate power. Are you interested in kid-specific activities such as Pedal Powered Spin Art?
Bike Smoothies. The questions above are focused on your sound needs. Depending on the nature of your event, it may be appropriate for us to set up a bike smoothie booth. We generally charge for smoothies, but we give them away to pedalers who are powering the music. There is nothing like being thanked for your good, clean Pedal Power with a thick, tangy, sweet bike-blended smoothie!
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