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1.Are you a Librarian/or an Information Professional at a ? *
2. Are you a Solo Librarian or Information Professional *
3.Who manages your Library System?
4.Which Library Management System do you use? *
5. Select under what or where your Library is listed on your institution's website.
6.How is your library featured on your organisations website?
7.On the 25th of May, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)regulation came into effect. However, as a Solo member in charge of a department, how have you been able to implement this reform?
8. As a Solo Librarian/ Information Professional that conducts user ed inductions, which aspect requires the most attention and preparation? Pick 1 *
9. How do you assess the impact of inductions for users in the following Literacies? *
Digital Analytics
Attendance Records
Feedback Forms
Circulation Loans
Search Feedbacks
Not Applicable
Digital Literacy
Ethical Literacy
Research Skills
Reader Development
Dewey Decimal Classification System
Physical Inducations
10. In a MarketLine case study titled "Digitisation of Education, Feb 2018". It lays out how Learning environments are changing at a very rapid pace, driven by the growing demand for incorporating digital technology. In line with these trends which of the practices below are incorporated in your inductions: *
11. As a Solo Librarian /Information Professional, from the list below, which benchmark is used to indicate that targets were met against a previous year?
12.Which area of your library services do you considered to be top priority during any given academic year? *
13.What type of access do LMS users have? *
14. How are curriculum resources statistics collated, in order to estimate loan circulation performance? *
15. How are digital /E/online resources usage measured? *
16. Is the Library service integrated or timetabled into your institution's Management system?
17. Does your Library (Secondary/Primary schools only) participate in summer transitional activities?
18. If you are a secondary school Librarian, would you participate as a service or encourage year 6 students to undertake an online Library tutorial in readiness for inductions during the summer holidays? *
19. As a Solo librarian responsible for inductions and If yes to the above, as budget holder, would you review or consider such a resource? *
20. What Grading /Assessment system is implemented or used to measure your users (Not the service, just users) retention or assimilation usage of library resources? *
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