I want to be a Kopi.JS co-organizer!
Kopi.JS needs co-organizers so that it can be sustainable for the future.

The goal of Kopi.JS has always been about providing a friendly no-agenda casual hangout among developers, designers and makers. There will be no speakers and no talks, ever. All inclusive including non-techies, curious folks, old and young, any color and gender, as long as everyone follows the Code of Conduct https://github.com/kopijs/code-of-conduct

Here's everything a Kopi.JS organizer is expected to do: https://paper.dropbox.com/doc/Being-a-Kopi.JS-Organizer-qztZILfbNeQ3ibQAn6kEZ

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Note that you may or may not be picked as a co-organizer. If you're picked, you'll be contacted and further be onboarded for the next steps.

Thanks for volunteering!

- Chee Aun

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