Motion Challenge week 8 - Animated Lower Third
The weekly Motion challenge is a fun way to test your creative and technical abilities making projects in Apple Motion.
Created by Stanislaw Robert Luberda and sponsored by AV-Ultra.
Challenges are presented on Mondays around 5pm ( -6 GMT) and challenge closes at 5 pm (-6 GMT) the following Friday.

Each Week a challenge is presented in terms of a : Theme, Filter Behavior, Discipline etc. An example could be a theme of "WATER" Or an example of discipline can be - "Compositing" An example of a behavior could be "Gravity" in which you need to incorporate the Gravity behavior into your project.

The Weekly Motion challenge is non-competitive and open to all skill levels.
Participation is not required from week to week if you are not interested in a certain challenge or don't have time to participate.
Week #8 - Animated Lower Third
Ends 8/30/19
Who, what, where, when, why?
In this challenge create an animated lower third title.
Animate it in and animate it out and apply it to some footage.
Think news titles, Television, location markers and everything in between. Use animated elements, or static elements.
When you're done- consider posting it somewhere online for other people to use!
Maximum time should be 10 seconds- Even with a long name like "Stanislaw Robert Luberda", even the slowest readers will get it in that much time.
Base Rules!-
1. Submissions must somehow adhere to the challenge. If the challenge is "Neon Glows"- there must be something about it that a reasonable person could see- albeit even the Text plainly spelling out Neon Glows.

2. Must be completed in Apple Motion. Any version is fine but really they haven't taken much out as much as they have fixed things. Items done in other programs will not be accepted. Start it in Motion, and finish it in Motion. If you need to edit it for whatever reason- allowances for Final cut are fine. Just dont use Nuke or After effects and pass it off as a Motion Project ;)

3. Plugins are fine as long as they are IN apple motion.
Cinema4d isn't a plugin you can use INSIDE Apple Motion at this time. But something like mO2 is. the point is to stay in Motion.

4. Can't use templates- The point of the challenge is to flex and grow as artists and technicians. So please dont use a template and pass it off as your own work. Maybe a certain template will be used as a starting point for a challenge but please dont just slap a template together for your submission.

5. Play nice and play fair- All items will eventually be uploaded to youtube (if wanted) so all items and animations and projects must also adhere to the community guidelines of Youtube.

6. Only give feedback or critique if explicitly asked for. We are all at different skill levels and some people will likely see things differently. Be kind- a rising tide lifts all boats. Let's make this fun.

7. Submissions must include "Motion Challenge" week number and theme in the title to be counted.
Please put your name and any additional information in the description of your upload.
This will help keep everything together.

8. Submissions must be linked or delivered via the google form Within the week assigned to be part of the collection.
entries must be embeddable (youtube or vies are likely the easiest) to be placed on the webpage.
late submissions can always be completed at a later time- but will not be included in the official challenge webpage.

9. Your animations are Your property. You are responsible to editing/uploading/linking etc. Your submission must be your OWN work.

10. Have fun, inspire each other, push yourself.
Let's do this!
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