Survey for Employers: New vocational training facility planned for young people aged 16-25 in Birmingham
Birmingham Independent College in association with Kajans Women's Enterprise research project
1. Where in the Birmingham area are you based? *
2. Does your Business have multiple locations in Birmingham? *
3. How many people do you employ? *
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4. And how many of those are 16-25 years of age? *
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5. How many people do you hire bi-annually? *
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6. What is your capacity for seasonal/temp/weekend employment of young people? *
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7. Will you have a need for in-house training currently or in the future? *
8. If yes, would you be interested in sending your current staff to a training college with bespoke training designed to meet your specific context? *
9. Would you be more likely to employ young people who have been to a training college and gained employment experience via part time placement? *
10. What skills are you looking for in young people? *
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11. If possible, please write down an entry-level job description.
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12. Are there any current employees you have who you would want to be further trained? *
13. Are there any employees who don't meet the national minimum educational requirements of Grade 4 (previously Grade C) in GCSE Maths and English? *
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