Physical and Mental Health Solutions
Thanks to your input on our previous survey, Team 888 has drafted a few ideas and would like your opinion and feedback on these ideas. In order to appeal to your Physical and Mental health needs, we would appreciate if you could take a few minutes to fill out this survey regarding your interests it would greatly be appreciated. It would also be appreciated if you can send this survey to friends and family as well. Click here to learn more:
Would you be comfortable getting together with a small group of people (2-4)? *
Do you find competing with your friends motivating in your goals? *
Would you prefer competing with others in a small group, a large group, or possibly tournament style/elimination brackets? Pick your favorite(s). *
Do you enjoy going to places with your friends? *
Would/do you feel comfortable exercising with other people? *
Which product idea would you be more interested in? *
Do you have any suggestions or feedback for either idea listed in the previous question? If so, please explain.
Any additional feedback?
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