100 day countdown to powerfully completing 2013!!

September 24th marks the 100 days countdown to the end of the year and I've been thinking about all of you :)

100 days countdown... Are you Ready to finish 2013 with a bang??!

You know that goal that you set at the beginning of the year and that you haven't quite reached yet, that you secretly may/may not have given up on it, but that if you accomplished it, it would really be a powerful completion for your 2013?!

What if there was a way to ensure you would finish this year strong? And what if it did not take more than 2 simple steps? I wanna give you those 2 simple steps!!

As my way to give back to you, I'll be holding this Friends & Clients Appreciation Call. No charge. No selling. Just giving.


1) The last Friends & Clients Appreciation Call I held was in 2010 ~ oye..time flies!!

2) Just recently I got a thank you message from one of you who was on that special teleclass and she shared with me what a difference it's made for implement one thing from the previous Friends & Clients Appreciation Call. That very generous message, prompted me to review my own results & goals, and to offer this call, on Monday September 16th, 2013 (details below).

On this call I will give you a very SIMPLE and SPECIFIC way to ensure you wrap up 2013 with a bang and POWERFULLY start 2014.

This is a very SIMPLE distinction that only takes 2 steps, leaves you empowered and whilst it will stretch you, yes, it won't stress you. I promise!

A lot of you know I am a Results Coach...In this call I plan to simply give you value. Straight Up!

At the end of this call I will not invite you to a workshop or sell you anything. All the value will be IN this call.

If you'd like to join me (either live or via the recorded call after)...

IF you want the LIVE call:

Monday September 16th at

8pm (Los Angeles time)

11pm (New York time)

4am (London time)

..for you in Sydney, it'll already be 1pm Tuesday Septmber 17th

IF you want the RECORDED call:
(RSVP below and you can listen to the recording anytime after)

We'll keep this call to under 1hr.

It is complimentary. You will be given the dial-in number upon RSVPing here below.

This will be a LIVE INTERACTIVE call, where you'll get to ask questions if you'd like.

I recommend you RSVP here below EVEN if you can't make it live as I'll send you the recording to every RSVP

Looking forward to hearing you on Monday September 16th!!

PS: if you have an accountability buddy, invite them to the call, I know mine will be there, too :)

In partnership,

Pina De Rosa

Link to Pina's TEDxtalk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdlzlBIiecQ
PS: if you wish to have a complimentary 1-1 phone Strategy Session with Pina, claim it at http://www.PinaDeRosa.info :)
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