Application for Root. Rise. Pollinate! Embodied Practice for Social Transformation Intensive
This Root, Rise, Pollinate! Intensive is a first experiment of initiative. It is designed for feminist human rights advancers, organizers and movement builders from the U.S. and overseas working in existing organizations, networks and movements for environmental and climate justice, racial justice, gender justice, LGBTQI rights and/or challenging political/state violence. We will center emerging leaders, especially, women of color, non-binary, queer and trans and disabled people. We intend to work with those ready to integrate transformative practice into their work.

Root, Rise, Pollinate! draws on five core elements of embodied feminist leadership for transformation:
- Leading with audacious feminist vision and bold purpose
- Radical connection, empowerment and community
- Interrupting patriarchal norms and oppressive power
- Embodiment through integrating heart, mind and body Strategic Navigation

This inaugural intensive is a multi-day experience in:
• Embodied discovery of self and collective awareness,
• Aligning our actions with our values and purpose,
• Cultivating liberating relationships and collaborations, and
• Generating stories of thriving that advance our visions and a worldview shift.

We will share embodied practices that are creative, contemplative, movement-based and relational to support the group to experience and test different elements of our framework. Practices include storytelling and deep listening, nature walks, mindfulness, creative and physical/somatic work.We invite participants to identify and offer peer-led embodied practices from their contexts that, with regular collective practice, might help their formations to take leaps forward.

This intensive will take place in a beautiful retreat center in upstate New York.

Acceptance letters will be sent out in late March. Inquire at and/or see our website for more information:
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