AYSO 1612 Scholarship Application
The American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) is a non-profit, all volunteer program. Our mission is to provide soccer opportunities to as many young athletes as possible in a fun, fair and safe environment. Our basic policy is that parents/guardians should finance their children’s registration fee to the “extent that they are able.” In that our goal is maximum participation, a scholarship fund has been established in our region to help parents/guardians with the registration fee.

An AYSO scholarship is based on financial need of families who are not able to pay for all or part of their child’s registration in order to participate. Because there are limited funds available, the scholarships will go to families who demonstrate the greatest need while scholarship funds remain available.

1. Parents/ guardians must complete the scholarship application form. (Information provided will be held in complete confidence.)
2. Families receiving first consideration will be those able to provide documentation that supports the financial need such as proof of current government financial aid or that the child is a participant of a free school lunch program (Title I student). In addition or as an alternative, AYSO will also give priority consideration to recommendations received from
government agencies, social agencies or school administrators (such as school principal).
3. Amount and type of previous volunteerism provided by the applicant family or child may improve consideration for a scholarship. Failure to meet previous volunteer commitments or lack of willingness to volunteer will also be a consideration.
4. Scholarship applications should be submitted for approval by email at aysoatl1612@gmail.com or call 404-536-3209 to arrange in person drop off.


Please use the form below to apply for a scholarship for AYSO Region 1612 Soccer Program fees. If you have any questions, contact aysoatl1612@gmail.com. One form is required for each player for whom a scholarship is being requested.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please register your player on the AYSO1612.org website before completing this scholarship application. You can, however, delay paying for the items in your cart until a decision on your scholarship request has been made.
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