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Welcome to the course request form for the College of Business. Please provide accurate information about your course; if you don't know the section number, please refer to Course Schedule ( If you have further questions, please contact the eLearning Office at
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i.e. BADM 333 Section A,B,C (all students access the same course site); or three sites: BADM 333 Section A, BADM 333 Section B, BADM 333 Section C (the students will access only their section, and the instructor will have to interact in each section separately). If in doubt, please contact our eLearning team for best practices on this.
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13- YES , the course is cross listed as
(i.e. BADM 544, can be crossllisted with LAW or Communication and the rubric may be LAW544 and COMM544)
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(If there are scheduling exceptions or other elements that need to be considered when the course is created, please enter them here)
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