ReOPEN project ICT platform requirements
This questionnaire is dedicated to ReOPEN project platform development process. We would like to hear your opinions about users authentification, learners identity and requirements for recognition of learning path. Please share this questionnaire with people who will be working in ReOPEN project, IT specialists and other staff members who might have experience in this area.
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Information about you
Name, surname *
E-mail address *
Your position in organization
User authentification
Your suggestions
What type of user authentification we should use in ReOPEN project platform? *
During registration process, which personal data should be collected in ReOPEN project platform? Please, list personal data that you consider relevant (examples: name, surname, e-mail etc.).
Verification of learner identity
Your experience
Please provide experience with learner identity verification in your institution/country. How can we make sure that learner is actually the same person who registered to the platform?
Development of learning agreement
Your suggestions and link to the document.
In your opinion, what are key aspects of learning agreement?
Please provide examples of learning agreements we could use for ReOPEN project platform.
Link to the document (english version) or please send document to
Recognition of learning path (Learner credentials)
Please provide your institution requirements.
Please provide any requirements which are necessary for your institution to recognize acquired competences. For example: number of ECTS, academic hours, defined learning outcomes, personal ID, etc.
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