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This is a stakeholder survey consisting of 9 questions. Please review the Vision and Goals of the Newton County Comprehensive Transportation Plan below.

The vision for the Newton County CTP expanded upon the transportation goal developed for the Newton County 2028 Comprehensive Plan, which is to, “Maintain an efficient and reliable multi-modal transportation network to support efficient land use, minimize traffic congestion, and facilitate community-wide and regional circulation.” The vision establishes the overall guiding statement of how the county should support the community through the transportation system. The CTP vision is as follows:

Newton County will develop a comprehensive transportation system by improving safety, mobility, and connectivity to ensure the efficient movement of people and goods. The system will provide multimodal alternatives such as public transportation, multi-use trails, sidewalks, and bicycle lanes in addition to roadway improvements to improve access to employment and other destinations. System management and operations will be strengthened through strategic investments that are planned and implemented in coordination with land use plans and policies of the county and municipalities.

Goals direct actions to meet the long-range transportation needs of the community. The goals serve as the building blocks for crafting various alternatives as well as establishing the study’s policy framework. Finally, goals help to define the community’s priorities and resources towards implementable and community-supported projects. The Newton County CTP goals are:

- Promote system safety, accessibility, and connectivity improvements;
- Develop a multimodal transportation system that will enhance quality of life, the natural environment, and economic development;
- Improve system management, monitoring, maintenance, and operation;
- Seek and support additional transportation alternatives and funding opportunities; and
- Ensure existing and future land use complements the transportation infrastructure.

The survey is now closed. Submit comments to or using the online form at

Version Date: April 13, 2017
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