Bulletin Halloween Homes Tour List
Hey East Gwillimbury... Sign up today to get on our Halloween Tour list!
Decorate the front of your house/yard with a Halloween theme, then have your display lit up and "visitor ready" on the night of October 30th from 6pm-9pm. We'll publish a map on our Facebook page of all the houses in East Gwillimbury that have signed up for the tour and anyone interested can drive by for a look at your spooky creations! Registration is FREE.
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FINE PRINT (please read):
The Bulletin is hosting this sign-up "list" of homes who are decorating their front yards with a Halloween theme. We are not responsible for the conduct or happenings by visitors to your property. We will not be held responsible for theft or damage that may occur to your property or belongings or personal loss/injury to either visitors or home owners/dwellers. You agree that you are providing your address for a public list and that we may promote this list across our social media platforms. You also agree that you are signing up an address for a property you either own, manage, or have permission to authorize use of. Please have your display lit and "visitor ready" on October 30th from 6pm-9pm.
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