UPA Fall Student School Culture Survey
We want to know how you feel about UPA school culture!
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Grade Level *
I know who I am and am proud of where I come from. *
I can earn an A in my classes. *
My class lessons include examples of my background (race, religion, economic status, language, gender identity). *
At UPA, there is a teacher or some other adult who believes I will be a success. *
I know where to go for help with a problem. *
Adults at UPA have good relationships with the students. *
Adults at UPA communicate with my family. *
Students from different cultures get along well at UPA. *
Adults at UPA help solve conflicts through conflict resolution and restorative justice. *
UPA makes it clear how students are expected to act. *
Adults at UPA handle behavior issues and give consequences fairly. *
Adults at UPA treat all students with respect. *
UPA students treat each other with respect. *
UPA adults treat other UPA adults with respect. *
Adults at UPA react and do something when they know that someone is being bullied. *
Students at UPA act as upstanders when someone is being bullied. *
How safe do you feel when you are at school? *
How fun is recess at UPA? *
How safe does recess feel at UPA? *
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