BA670 +Impact Studio: Permission to Enroll Application, Winter 2020
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Welcome and thanks for your interest in building a better world using design and research!
In this course, students will work in teams of five on one of two projects (determined based on matching schedules and mutual interests). The composition of the teams will reflect the diversity of disciplines and interests of the students enrolled. Regardless of which project, all teams will be immersed in the same set of learning objectives and will also benefit from learning from the other teams; thus, it is important to maintain some flexibility so that we can ensure an ideal learning experience for all students.

Though we cannot guarantee which of the two projects you will work on, we will do our best to take into account your preferences. Please keep in mind that the final opportunity statement/problem definition will be finalized in December by the Fall's students' research. The projects will leverage scholarly intellectual capital to address the following:

Project 1: An issue related to United Nations' SDG of reducing/preventing poverty and how teams can build something that can make a difference (likely around FinTech).

Project 2: An issue related to United Nations' SDG of clean water and how teams can build something that can make a difference to improve access.

Winter 2020 syllabus:

For reference, the Fall 2019 syllabus:

About the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Poets and Quants lists the course as one of "The Most Interesting New MBA Courses At B-Schools This Year"

**Please note: Students selected to participate in the course will have the opportunity to participate in an exclusive empathy building event on Friday, January 24th. Hold this date on your calendar!**
Before proceeding, please confirm that you have read the syllabus and understand the time commitment required for the 4.5 credit semester course. *
Specifically note the 8am-11:50am Monday class time and the need to schedule with teammates about 3 to 4 hours per week of working time in the studio during the window of 8am - 6pm (of course you will have access to meeting additional times on evenings and weekends - it's a great space!)
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Please note: This course has an in-class and studio component. The 2-hour studio component is akin to a lab/section that has a regular, specific, weekly meeting time in addition to the Monday morning in-class time. Once accepted, we will work with you to finalize a lab time.
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