Hackathon “The City of New Ideas”


We invite young and creative people to take part in the Hackathon “The City of New Ideas”, to be held on April 26-28, 2020 as part of the V International Conference on Nuclear Decommissioning and Environmental Recovery, INUDECO.

Hackathon "The City of New Ideas" is a competition in the format of a marathon for the creation of a software product by IT professionals - software developers, designers, managers, etc.

The city of Slavutych always strives for better and innovative practices. Therefore, the Steering Committee of the 5th International Conference on Nuclear Decommissioning and Environmental Recovery, INUDECO (26-29th April 2020, Slavutych, Ukraine) holds the 4rd Hackaton “The City of New Ideas”.

The Goal of the Hackathon: 10 teams selected for participation (each team consisting of 4-5 members) will have to develop a ready-to-use formula or a prototype for the needs of the City of New Ideas within 24 hours during 26-28 April 2020. As early as on April 28, 2020, the teams will have to introduce the results of their work to the jury, hackathon mentors and INUDECO participants.

What are the City of New Ideas needs? These are the ideas aimed at making the city more livable for its residents through the introduction of innovations (such as energy saving, technology, transport, environment, open government, leadership, etc.). Anything that can improve the city’s daily life. Smart-solutions that would bring real benefits to citizens.

The main criterion in assessing the project is the problem-solving, the overall completeness and efficiency of the proposed solution; it must be effective for a small city, and may also be extended to your hometown. The winning project will receive a cash reward and (or) funding, provided it is implemented in Slavutych.

Preference will be given to projects that: are not "bicycles", but use worldwide experience and existing practices; use open data and services of the city; integrate or can be integrated into the existing city systems / city registries, complement and extend their functionality; are not complex solutions and solve one problem in one area.

We encourage the participation of developers, IT specialists and designers who are willing to contribute in the creation of services and mobile applications for the city; NGOs requiring IT assistance or expertise to improve their projects; IT companies with experience in developing and implementing Smart City projects and ready to share their experience; volunteers and activists.

The prize fund for the winning teams is envisaged. Registration is open till April 10, 2020. The Steering Committee’s e-mail: inudeco2018@gmail.com. Contact telephone numbers: +38 (045-79) 22250, 21090, +38 0503531135.

The registration fee for participation in the event is 400 UAH.
The prize fund for the teams is envisaged.
Registration ends on April 10, 2020.

The Hackathon is a part of the Conference on Nuclear Decommissioning and Environmental Recovery, INUDECO.
Detailed information about the conference (logistics, terms of participation, etc.) can be found on the Conference official website http://inudeco.pro/. Official languages of all the events are Ukrainian and English.
The Steering Committee’s contact telephone numbers: +38 (045-79) 2-22-50, +38 050 353-11-35, +38 050 900-94-74.
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