Society Board Member-At-Large and Society Treasurer, Spring 2017
Service on the Society Board of Directors is an opportunity afforded to our membership. It provides a member with an experience of a life-time and the chance to participate with other men of good character who strive to govern our Society, create vision and set policy that will affect our membership for years to come, and to develop, support and monitor progress in the successful implementation of a dynamic and forward-thinking strategic plan. The Society Board of Directors is a governance, not a management, board. It provides the vision and sets the goals necessary for the Society’s professional staff to manage the organization to a successful future.

Men who have a wide range of experience in the Society, in business, in public service and/or in other endeavors that offer opportunities for leadership and governance are the focus of our efforts to secure the best qualified men for service on the Board for a term beginning in 2018. Further, the Nominating Committee is committed to creating a more inclusive and diverse Society governance structure beginning with the Board of Directors and welcomes all candidates who may help us achieve that goal.

The Nominating Committee is seeking qualified applicants for the positions of Board Member-at-Large and Society Treasurer.

General qualifications include (but are not limited to):
1. Willingness to further the purposes of the Society and the attainment of its objectives.
2. A desire to preserve the Society’s ideals and further the extension of barbershop harmony throughout the world.
3. Willingness to be responsible for all matters affecting the affairs of the Society.
4. Be an active member in good standing of a chapter (other than the Frank H. Thorne Chapter).
5. Experience in creating strategic plans, setting long term goals, and monitoring progress toward achievement of those goals is essential.
6. Exhibit the ability to maintain a Society-wide perspective that is basic to the success of a board member.
7. In the instance of the Society Treasurer, experience with:
a. Financial oversight of the Society budget
b. Presentation of an annual budget and recommendations to the Society Board
c. Supervise the development of fiscal policies and practices for recommendation to the Society Board
d. Maintain a record of Society assets
e. Require monthly statements from designated depositories of the Society
f. Provide reports to the Society board as required including an annual report

Applicants are encouraged to review the Society’s By-laws which can be found at:
It is essential that applicants review Articles IV and V of the Society By-laws regarding the Society Board and its officers.

Applicants are informed that the selected nominees are expected to be present at the International Convention in Las Vegas, NV from Sunday, July 2, 2017 through Tuesday, July 4, 2017 and that they attend all sessions of the Society Board meetings on those dates. Further, anticipated meeting dates in 2017 and 2018 that the newly elected Board members are required to attend are scheduled for November 2017, January 2018 (Midwinter Convention), March 2018 (telephone conference call), July 2018 (International Convention), and late Fall 2018.

Applications may be found on the Society website. Completed applications and letters of recommendation must be submitted by midnight CDT on April 7, 2017 to be considered. Please email all applications and letters of recommendation to as soon as possible to complete your application.

You are applying for:
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City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code
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Current District
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Years active in the BHS
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Barbershop offices held (chapter, district, Society)
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Professional Résumé
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Education (List degrees and special honors)
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Please secure one written recommendation and list below two other barbershoppers who can give an appraisal of your abilities to serve on the SBOD. Make sure that the references listed are willing to discuss your application with the Nominating Committee. Include telephone numbers, email addresses, and current position in the Society - chorus director, certified judge, chapter officer, district officer, etc. Please have your written recommendation emailed directly to (Electronic submissions only, please.)
First Barbershopper who can give an appraisal of your abilities to serve
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Second Barbershopper who can give an appraisal of your abilities to serve
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Answer the following questions as completely as you can.
1. What distinctive talents, skills, or special experience would you bring to this position?
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2. What challenges for the Society could best be met or improved by your skills, talents, or experience?
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3. How do you envision these attributes improving or enriching the experience of Society members?
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4. Society Board Members are required to work with men of differing personalities and - often - strongly held opinions. Tell us of a couple of instances when you've been able to help reach consensus around a solution to a problem while dealing with others who might strongly disagree with you.
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5. What is your vision for the Society and how would your work on the Society board lead us toward the fulfillment of that vision?
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Thank you! Please have your written recommendation emailed to as soon as possible to complete your application.
Alan Lamson, Chair
Society Nominating Committee
NOTE: To be considered as a nominee for election to the Board in Las Vegas on July 2-4, 2017, this application must be received by the Nominating Committee by 12 Midnight CDT on April 7, 2017.
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