Catalyst General Staff Application 2016 - 2017
Interested in contributing to the Rice Undergraduate Science Research Journal or writing for the International Collegiate Science Journal (or both)? Apply here! It's a competitive process, so be sure you turn your application in before the deadline of September 7th, 2016. We take students of all majors and years, and previous experience/active research is not a prerequisite!

Please note--this application is intended for Rice undergraduates only. If you are interested in guest writing in our publication, please contact us via the website form. If you have any questions about the application, please email Ajay Subramanian and Alex Alexander at

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International Collegiate Science Journal
If you want to write for the International Collegiate Science Journal (or at least interested in learning more), please mark here.
Design experience? List it here and include links (Dropbox)
Only answer this if you are applying to be a designer. Please list design packages you've used before (ex. Adobe InDesign, PhotoShop, GIMP). We prefer dropbox links to your previous work. But, if that doesn't work for you, please send it to along with your name and college. Remember, previous experience is not mandatory. One of the goals of our organization is to help train undergraduates in technical writing, editing, and basics in design.
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Applying to be an Editor? Give us a writing sample!
Only answer this if you are applying to be an editor (preferred if you are a returning Catalyst member/upperclassmen). We are trying to increase the standard of our editing this year, and with that comes a little more intensive application. Please copy/paste, link via dropbox, or email to a writing sample that best showcases your writing ability. It does not have to be technical or science related. Remember, previous experience is not mandatory. Please limit submission to no more than 500 words.
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Are you free to attend the annual Catalyst retreat on Saturday, September 17th starting at 5 PM? *
If not, please let us know why--time or date problem, etc. The retreat is mandatory for all members--we promise it'll be a good time! We will provide dinner and we won't go past 8.
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