Fleet 43 Wednesday Night Race Committee Sign Up
Please choose the Wednesday Night that your crew would like to do Race Committee. Remember that start time is 6:00pm (and 5:30pm the last two weeks).
Make sure you and your crew are at PYC to allow enough time to blow up marks, set a course and be on-station for an on-time start.
In addition to the Lindsay Lord, the fleet has a chase boat that should be on the water to help with mark setting, shortening or change of course, and in case of emergencies. A club member must be on board the Lindsay Lord while it is moving.
Each boat is required to do one night of Race Committee during the season. Boats will earn average points for their RC duty.

Race Committee is encouraged to provide snacks and/or beverages for post racing to build a post race community. Also the PYC kitchen is open to all participants and friends for ordering food and accepts credit cards.

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