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Latinx Therapy is opening sponsorship ad slots of 10 or 15-seconds (pre-roll) for the podcast episodes. We will be accepting two businesses per month. Our full rate for the 30-second pre-roll is at $400. If you are a small business that cannot afford this, then this opportunity is for you! OWNER/FOUNDER MUST BE A LATINX (&/or Latina/o).

If you are able to afford $400, please pay it forward and allow the reduced fee slots to be available for others who cannot afford this. The sliding scale will range from $90-250. Our episodes are downloaded on average of 6,000 (per episode). To date, we have 250,000 downloads & growing.

Selected businesses will have to provide a script for their 10 or 15 second ad. Brands should address a pain point between our mutual audiences, offer a differentiated solution, and follow your message with a strong call-to-action (CTA). The goal is to be as clear and concise as possible while still being engaging and interesting.

We recommend setting up a coupon or link specifically that we can integrate in the ad to be able to track leads coming from this ad (for your benefit).

Please note that season 3 will be about children's mental health. Season 4 will be a diverse range of mental health topics (similar to season 1). Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Please note that not all brands are a good fit with our podcast. An agreement will be signed upon being accepted.
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