Go European! – Building Transnational Partnerships for Youth Participation
The level of youth participation is rather low particularly in deprived urban area and rural areas as well as in bordering regions in the Eastern Partnership region (EaP) of the EU.
This is particularly true for young IDPs, refugees, young people with migration background or other young people with fewer opportunities in critical economic conditions and for those young people who just arrived to urban centres as part of the rural-urban migration.
Thus, the objectives of the project are:
o To share good practices on fostering youth participation through diverse forms of youth work
o To build transnational partnerships for future cooperation in the youth field among diverse organisations from across Europe
o To develop needs-based follow-up projects for fostering youth participation on local level in Europe.

The project will consist of 3 Activities:
Activity 1: Online preparation (August 2019);
Activity 2: Partnership-Building Seminar in Yanoshi, Ukraine (09.-16.09.2019);
Activity 3: Follow-up and dissemination (September – December 2019).

If you have:
• Good knowledge of the youth context in the community/ country of the sending organisation;
• Good understanding of youth work, especially youth work fostering youth participation;
• Work or volunteering experience in an NGO, youth group, initiative group or movement working
with young people;
• Ability to present a youth project or a youth work practices they realized in the past.

Please, apply before 31/07 using this form.

In case you have questions, please contact us: h.veres@sii.org.ua
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