Evaluation 2018-2019
Hey dear students!

Thanks for helping to make it another great year at Meetinghouse. I hope you had as much fun as I did.

I would like to improve the classes next year, so please fill out the online evaluation, it helps me make the groups better. Please feel free to give any comments and suggestions.

Thanks and happy happy summer!
Has your listening improved this year?
Are you more comfortable speaking?
Were the classes useful?
Were you able to understand the classes?
Were the classes interesting?
Did the teacher offer quality teaching?
Was the teacher helpful?
Were the classes well prepared?
Were the resources helpful?
Did you use the weekly newsletters?
Did you access office hours and/or extra help outside of class?
Were the class times convenient?
Was the group appropriate for your level?
Would you like the classes to be more demanding?
Do you think the price is too high?
Do you think the price is too low?
Would you recommend the conversation groups?
What aspects of the classes did you like?
Your answer
Is there any thing that you disliked or would like to see improved?
Your answer
Can you think of any resources or materials that you would like to have available?
Your answer
If you have any ideas of topics that you would like to see included next year, please write them below.
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