LocalMotiv Shopper Questionnaire
We are a LocalMotiv.

Our Mission is to connect locally-minded shoppers to local independent merchants. We will do this by creating a brand new e-commerce platform that provides engaging one-stop local shopping experiences. Shopping "local" will now be easier and more fun than ever.

Our "motiv" is to change the world for the better by helping "localist" shoppers access independent retailers and their inventories all over the US. We know that every dollar spent locally means more is invested locally. It means more jobs, more innovation, and more community. A fully realized vision will see neighborhoods, towns, and cities fill up with exceptional, local, independent shops that will, in turn, rejuvenate and create vibrant communities.

Our goal is to win against big box, national chains, and online retailer giants. It’s amazon meets main street but even more! It will transform the way we shop online.

For questions about LocalMotiv, please reach out to Sarah Stefaniuk at spstefaniuk@gmail.com.

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