Pine Island Hall of Fame Nomination
Any alumni or friends of Pine Island Schools may submit the name of nominees from the following criteria: A candidate for induction into the Pine Island Athletic Hall of Fame must satisfy the qualifications in one of the following categories.

Athlete (eligible 10 years after graduation):
*Dominate high school career and/or have career milestones
*Held school records
*Went on to play in college and or professional sport
*State Champion

*10 years of head coach or 15 years as a coach
*12 years of service as athletic/activities director
*State Champion
*Athlete that played at Pine Island and was successful
*Legendary coach at another school or college

Distinguished Service Award:
*to honor an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the interscholastic athletic programs at Pine Island Schools. The nominee does not have to be a graduate of Pine Island School

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Year of graduation from Pine Island High School (if an athlete)
Sports played or coached or served: *
At PIHS, what sports did the candidate letter and how many years?
At PIHS, what special awards or career milestones were received in each sport?
At PIHS, what special award/championships did the team(s) earn that he/she played on?
In college, what sports did the candidate letter and for how many years?
In college, what special individual awards/career milestones were received in each sport?
In college, what special awards/championships did the team he/she played on receive?
If for Distinguished Service Award, what has this candidate done for PIHS athletics?
If for a coach or AD, what has this person done for PIHS?
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