Legacy Youth Life Skills Self-Assessment
For all youth who are members of the Legacy Project, ages 14 and above. Please answer all of the following questions below to the best of your ability.
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I am enrolled in school and am on track to receive my diploma.
If no, I am enrolled in a GED Program.
I have an adult in my life who cares about how I am doing at school or work.
I plan to attend college or vocational school.
I know the first steps to take to start applying for college or vocational school.
I know where I can get tutoring or other help with school work.
I know how to find financial aid to help pay for my education or training.
I have talked about my education plans with an adult who cares about me.
I know how to get the documents I need for school or work, such as my Social Security card, Birth Certificate, and proof of child welfare.
I know what type of education (college, trade school) I need for the work I want to do.
I have access to transportation to get to work or school.
I know the steps I need to take to get a driver's license.
I have a driver's license.
I know how to develop a resume.
I have a resume.
I know at least two people I can use for references for a job.
I know how to fill out a job application.
I know how to prepare for a job interview.
I know what clothes I should wear to an interview.
Money Management
I have been involved in volunteer service or an internship.
I can fill out a W-4 payroll exemption form when I get a job.
I know the steps I need to take to open a checking and/or savings account.
I have a checking and/or savings account.
I know how to develop a budget that I am able to maintain and follow.
I know where I can get help with an income tax form.
I get to school or work on time.
I can take criticism and direction at school or work without losing my temper.
I get my work done and turned in on time.
I have access to a computer and /or the internet.
I know how to use my email account.
I have a telephone number / cell phone
Healthy Relationships
I know at least one adult, other than my CASA, Caseworker, or GAL, who would take my call in the middle of the night if I had an emergency.
There is at least one adult I trust who would be legally allowed to make medical decisions for me and advocate for me if I was unable to speak for myself.
I know the signs of an abusive relationship.
I know the signs of people bullying me online.
My relationships are free from hitting, slapping, shoving, being made fun of, or name calling.
Self Care
I know how to do my own laundry.
I keep my living space clean.
I know the products to use when cleaning the bathroom and kitchen.
I have a place to go when I feel unsafe.
I believe my relationships with others will help me succeed.
I know an adult I could live with for a few days or weeks if I needed to.
I can make meals with or without using a recipe.
I bathe (wash up) daily.
I can take care of my own minor injuries and illnesses.
I brush my teeth daily.
I know how to get health insurance when I am older than 18.
I know where to find a doctor or dentist.
I know when I should go to the emergency room instead of the doctor's office.
I know ways to protect myself from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
I know how to prevent getting pregnant or getting someone else pregnant.
I know where to go to get information on sex or pregnancy.
I know how to get the benefits I am eligible for, such as Social Security, Medicaid, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), and Education and Training Vouchers (ETV).
I have at least one trusted adult who would visit me if I were in the hospital.
I know at least one adult I can depend on when I exit care.
I know an adult who could act like a grandparent, aunt or uncle to my children now or my future children.
I have friends I like who help me feel valued and worthwhile.
I have friends or family to spend time with.
I am a part of a family and we care about each other.
I can get in touch with at least one family member when I want to.
I show others that I care about them.
I have a good relationship with a trusted adult I like and respect.
I feel I am ready for the next phase of my life.
Most days, I am proud of the way I am living my life.
Most days, I feel I have control of how my life will turn out.
There is at least one adult that I have regular contact with, other than my CASA, Case Worker, or GAL, who live in stable safe housing.
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