South Butler Community Library 2019 Community Survey
You can help us plan the future of your community library! We want to meet your informational and programming needs. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey, as your opinion truly counts! The results will help us provide better services to you and your family members.
Which of the following services or resources would be of interest to you, your family, or your friends if they were provided by the library? (Check all that apply) *
Child Development (i.e. after school and summer programs, homework help)
Senior Interests (i.e. navigating federal and state programs, exploring care options)
Job Skills and Services (i.e. where to find training, how to find job openings)
Housing Resources (i.e. help with rent/mortgage issues, finding affordable housing)
Food and Nutrition Resources (i.e. finding year-round food sources, finding assistance with food costs)
Transportation Issues (i.e. finding free or low cost transportation, finding help with vehicle repairs)
Personal Finances (i.e. help with budgeting, taxes, savings, debt)
Personal Development (i.e. hobbies and classes, volunteering and community connections, health and wellness)
What other resources or services would be helpful to you, your family, or your friends?
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What are some of the reasons why you or your family members have not been able to attend some of the library programs? (Check all that apply) *
How do you access the internet? *
Where do you live? *
How would you categorize yourself? *
Contact Information (optional)
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