Last Attempt Recruitment Application
This is the application form for the Last Attempt guild on Magtheridon-US.  We raid Tuesday and Wednesday 8 to 11 EST. [Please note there is a 5000 character limit.]
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How well do our raid times work for you? Do you have any obligations in the foreseeable future that will affect your ability to raid?
Are you open to a 3rd raid day during special circumstances (e.g. New Tier, Final Boss Push)? *
What end game raiding experience do you have? Be thorough. The more detail you can provide here the better.
What were the last few guilds that you were in? What were your reasons for leaving?
Are you able to handle mature (or immature) content on voice and in guild chat?
Are you able to handle harsh criticism? We don't hold back when we are figuring out what needs to be fixed to kill a boss.
Please provide an armory link to the character(s) you wish to have considered. *
Please link any relevant logs.
Please link to an image of your raid UI (optional).
Is this your first main character? If not what did you used to play? When did you start playing WoW?
Do you have a raid-viable off-spec? Should the need arise, are you comfortable with playing your off-spec in a raid?
How do you feel about sitting out for any given encounter? *
What is your reason for applying? Tell us about yourself and what you are looking for in a raid guild.
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