JPEC Community Survey
The JPEC Admin Team are looking to gather perspectives and feedback from our valued parent community on the communication and culture that JPEC provides to you and your students.
I feel welcome when I enter my students school.
My student is safe at school.
Teachers show respect for students.
The students show respect for other students.
I respect the... (check all that apply)
I am satisfied with the communication at JPEC
I regularly read or reference... (check all that apply)
What methods do you use to obtain information? (check all that apply)
I prefer to receive communication via
I receive communication from faculty on my student's academic progress
I receive communication on my student's behavior.
Is communication from the school easy to understand?
How often do you visit our website or official Facebook page looking for information?
How can JPEC improve our communication?
Your answer
Rate our website content
Information is out of date
Very useful information
Rate our overall website usefulness
Not useful
Very useful
I feel my student is offered opportunities the same as any other student
The school succeeds in its mission of preparing students for college and careers.
I feel JPEC supports my student's academic success
The school provides opportunities for my student to engage in extracurricular activities
The school has a good public image
The school helps my student succeed by offering frequent intervention opportunities.
I support my student's learning at home
I feel JPEC's learning culture is better than my student's previous school
What are the strengths of JPEC?
Your answer
What needs to be improved?
Your answer
Ethnic Background (Check all that apply)
Primary language spoken in the home
Number of children in household
Number of children in JPEC
Child/Children's grade level (check all that apply)
Person completing this survey
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