ARCH Strategic Planning 2017
Survey Questions
ARCH is conducting a survey as part of our Strategic Planning process. Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey by September 15, 2017.
1. ARCH gives legal information and advice to persons with disabilities in Ontario in specific areas of the law. Do you agree that the following issues are important and relevant for persons with disabilities in Ontario?
a. Abuse of persons with disabilities by their service providers
b. Accessibility laws, such as the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and regulations
c. Accessible transportation
d. Access to justice
e. Attendant care services
f. Criminal injuries compensation board matters
g. Developmental services and programs
h. Discrimination and barriers to accessing public and private services
i. Human rights in non-unionized employment
j. Legal capacity – this includes the right to make your own decisions, when others can make decisions for you, regaining control of your finances from the PGT, and other issues
k. Primary, secondary and post-secondary education
l. Some aspects of privacy laws
m. Service animals
Please provide other legal issues you feel are important:
Your answer
Do you have any other comments on the areas of law listed above?
Your answer
2. ARCH provides information to our communities through our website, Facebook, Twitter, the ARCH Alert, public legal education, events, pamphlets and the occasional email. In your opinion, how well are we doing with providing information about:
a. ourselves and who we are
b. the legal services we provide
c. our test cases
d. our advocacy on law reform and policy work
e. our work on community development
f. our educational events
g. our community events
h. what’s happening in the area of disability law
i. what’s happening within the disability community
Additional Comments:
Your answer
3. In your view, how important is it for ARCH to be involved with work on international disability rights advocacy, including work on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities?
Additional Comments:
Your answer
4. ARCH interacts with communities of persons with disabilities, with those who represent persons with disabilities and with those who make law and policy in relation to people with disabilities. Please let us know whether you believe that ARCH does a good job of interacting with the following:
a. persons with disabilities and members of the public
b. members of ARCH
c. disability organizations
d. the legal community
e. community partners who are organizations that represent the interests of people with disabilities and endorse the goals and objectives of ARCH
f. government officials and departments responsible for disability issues
Additional Comments:
Your answer
5. Would you tell a friend or client with a disability to contact ARCH if they needed legal help? If not, please explain why.
Your answer
6. In order for ARCH to know which area of the Province we have reached with this survey, please provide the first three (3) digits of your postal code.
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7. Please check all that apply. Are you a:
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