GRAPHIC DESIGN IN JAPAN 2022 (Hong Kong Edition) Programme Registration Form 活動登記表格
Graphic Design in Japan 2022 (Hong Kong Edition)
Date 日期 | 25.5 - 11.6.2023
Time 時間 | 11:00 - 20:00
Venue 場地 | SG09-SG14, G/F, Staunton, PMQ
Free Admission 費用全免

Design Dialogues 設計講座
Venue 場地 | Marketplace, G/F 地下地面廣場

Docent Tours 導賞團
Assembly Point 集合地點 | Reception 接待處 (Marketplace, G/F 地下地面廣場 )
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Design Dialogues 設計講座

1 / Composition of Design 設計的建構

Date 日期 | 27.5.2023 (Sat) 
Time 時間 | 15:00 - 16:00
Language 語言 | English 英語
Speakers 講者 | 
Ryuhei Nakadai 中臺隆平 (JAGDA 日本平面設計協會)、Keith Tam 譚智恒 (Hong Kong Design Institute 香港知專設計學院)

2 / Complexity of Design 設計的層次
What is graphic design? Can graphic designers only work in design-related fields? In the rapidly advancing modern society, graphic design continues to break conventions and lead the way forward. Looking at the younger generation of graphic designers, they have been developing in diverse areas in recent years, breaking free from the boundaries of "graphic" design. At the session, speakers will share their experiences in different fields, breaking down boundaries and showcasing the new power of design!

Date 日期 | 28.5.2023 (Sun)
Time 時間 | 15:00 - 16:00
Language 語言 | Cantonese 廣東話
Speakers 講者 | Jason Kwan 關子軒 (Not a Romantic Story 不浪漫故事、LLEMS、Whiteground 白本工作室)、William Tsao 曹智崴 (Third Paragraph)、Andrew Lee 李孝恩 (Mososisi 無瑣事事事務所)、Tom Shum 岑嘉俊 (Mososisi 無瑣事事事務所)

3 / Commitment of Design 設計的力量
How does spatial design echo the brand philosophy?
The "people-oriented" philosophy makes the role of designers more proactive and diverse, becoming the center of problem-solving and fostering diverse collaborations.
In the dialogue, the speakers will share how design speaks for the brand and users, finding a balance between practical, user-friendly thinking and the brand's long-term development.

Date 日期 | 3.6.2023 (Sat)
Time 時間 | 15:00 - 16:00
Language 語言 | Cantonese 廣東話
Speakers 講者 | Pan Tang 鄧文斌 (MIDWAY)、Jacqueline Chak 翟凱怡 (EDITECTURE)、Yip Chun Hang 葉晉亨 (LAAB)、Otto Ng 吳鎮麟 (LAAB)

4 / Common Sense of Design 設計的知識
Have you ever wondered what IP (Intellectual Property) is and why it's so important for creators? Not only does IP protect the rights of creators, but it also helps them turn their stories into brands and make a business out of their creative abilities, allowing them to reach even greater heights. In this dialogue, speakers will share experiences, and how to bring creativities to more people's life!
IP (Intellectual Property 知識產權)是什麼?IP 為什麼對創作者這麼重要?IP 除了保障創作者的權益,也能幫助創作者將故事打造成品牌、提供創作者將說故事的能力轉化爲商業動機,推向更大的舞台。在本場講座中,幾位講者將會分享相關經驗,將設計力轉為商業力!

Date 日期 | 10.6.2023 (Sat)
Time 時間 | 15:00 - 16:00
Language 語言 | 廣東話
Speakers 講者 | Kelvin Wong 王家達 (Knowledge Transfer and Entrepreneurship Office, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 香港理工大學知識轉移及創業處)Tam Chin Hong 譚展康 (TOYZEROPLUS)Kamanwilliam 羅立維 (TOYZEROPLUS)Becky Wong 王碧琪 (INDEX GAME)

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Designer-led Tours 設計師導賞團
1/ Designer 設計師 | Jason Kwan 關子軒 (Not a Romantic Story 不浪漫故事、LLEMS、Whiteground 白本工作室)
Date 日期 | 28.5.2023 (Sun)
Time 時段 | 16:30 (Full 已滿額) / 17:30 (Full 已滿額) 
Language 語言 | Cantonese 廣東話

2/ Designer 設計師 | Geeio Yuen 袁浩霖 (MOM AND POP)
Date 日期 | 3.6.2023 (Sat)
Time 時段 | 16:30 (Full 已滿額)  / 17:30 (尚餘少量 Few spots left) 
Language 語言 | Cantonese 廣東話

3/ Designer 設計師 | Bong Yeung 楊建邦 (LittleUrbanMountain Design 小市山設計)
Date 日期 | 4.6.2023 (Sun)
Time 時段 | 16:30 (Full 已滿額) / 17:30
Language 語言 | Cantonese 廣東話

4/ Designer 設計師 | Renatus Wu 胡卓斌 (Edited)
Date 日期 | 10.6.2023 (Sat)
Time 時段 | 16:30 (Full 已滿額) / 17:30
Language 語言 | Cantonese 廣東話

5/ Designer 設計師 | Andrew Wong 黃偉晴 (A hundred times)
Date 日期 | 11.6.2023 (Sun)
Time 時段 | 16:30 / 17:30
Language 語言 | Cantonese 廣東話
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