Community Survey for NS Supporters
When individuals give to Neighborhood School, their donations help balance a budget that is based on every family paying their fair share of tuition. Financial gifts help us invest in professional development, teacher salaries, and new learning resources and equipment. Your responses to this survey will give us insight into what motivates people to give to NS and how we can continue to grow a culture of giving.

Thank you for completing this survey. We are truly grateful for your support!
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If you are already a donor, why do you make a financial donation to NS? (please check all that apply)
If you have not donated to NS in the past three years, please help us to understand why (please check all that apply).
What targeted fundraising efforts would inspire you to give (or give more) to NS? (please check all that apply) *
Monthly or quarterly giving provides steady support for NS. Are you interested in participating in monthly or quarterly giving? *
Would you like to have a conversation with Tricia about planning and/or expanding your giving goals for NS? *
NS is cultivating its Major Donors to help increase fundraising. Major Donors give $1,000 or more to NS annually. Is there anyone you think would be interested in learning more about becoming a major donor for NS? *
If you have a potential Major Donor in mind, what's the best number to reach you and the best time - morning, afternoon or evening?
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We are proud that 100% of current NS parents have donated to NS for the past two years. The high participation rates were achieved with the help of parents who volunteered as donor captains. Donor captains participate in the campaign and communicate with small groups of their peers to encourage 100% participation by their cohort. We’re recruiting more captains to support alumni, alumni families and friends of NS. Do you want to help us increase participation rates by becoming a captain? *
We want to know more about what NS alums are up to. Please share updates about yourself or your NS alumni for our next newsletter (e.g. career, education, family events, travel). Do you have current or past time photos to share? Please email,
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