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Please fill up this form to help us arrange your consultation appointment. Our staff will get back to you to confirm the appointment and verify any more details that may be required.

Please be advised that you are required to prepare:
1. A laptop, tablet or smart phone with a camera and microphone that is capable of supporting the video conferencing program (Google Hangouts) is required.
2. We can communicate via Google hangouts, Zoom or Whatsapp calls. Download the appropriate app on your device prior to the appointment time for conferencing. An email with the conference link will be sent to you close to the appointment time where appropriate.
3. Weigh your pet accurately down to 1 decimal point. This is very important as medications are calculated based on weight. Any inaccuracy can result in over- or under-dosing treatments. A digital bathroom scale should suffice for pets more than 3 kg. First carry your pet to weigh the both of you together. Then deduct this reading from your own weight that is taken immediately after using the same scale. For pets under 3 kg, a kitchen scale will provide a more accurate weight. For more details on how to weigh your pets at home visit out pet care resource page:

If there are medications to be prescribed, an estimate will be emailed to you. Once we receive confirmation and payment, arrangements can be made for self pick-up at the clinic.

If certain test samples (such as fecal or urine sample) are recommended, you can drop this off at the clinic. A Veterinarian will give you a call with the test results and any further treatment recommendations.

Please understand there are limitations with consultation via video conferencing. The inability to perform a physical exam can prevent us from attaining accurate diagnosis or fully evaluating the general health of the pet. The quality of the video and how it is taken may also affect this. Telemedicine is a tool, it can help us decide if a patient should be seen immediately, later or simply be prescribed medications.

If after the telemedicine consulation, it is determined that your pet is best seen physically at the clinic, the payment made for telemedicine consultation can be used to offset the consultation fee in clinic within 7 days from the consultation

All telemedication consultations will be recorded in your pet's clinical history in the clinic just like all other physical visits.

For system requirements to use google hangouts:

How to join a meeting on google hangouts:

To download Zoom Client for meetings:

Whatsapp call:
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