WICE Mentoring Program Application
Below is the application for the 2018-2019 WICE Mentoring Program. To participate in the program, you must be a WICE member (either organizational member through your employer or an individual member). Please check our list of organizational members to see if your employer is already a member here: https://wiceny.com/members/. Employees of Orange and Rockland Utilities are already covered by the Con Edison membership. If you are not a WICE member but would like to join as an individual or organization, please visit WICE's membership webpage:


To apply for the mentoring program, please respond to the following questions and submit your completed application form by December 7, 2018. Mentor and mentee matches will be made through the beginning of January 2019, and the mentoring program will be launched through a webinar orientation by the end of January. The webinar will be recorded and available afterward for any program participants who are not able to participate in the live webinar. We will provide additional information and resources during our Fall Conference on December 4, 2018.

While the program will be informally structured, WICE recommends that mentors and mentees meet monthly. We expect participants to determine the best schedule for themselves and connect with each other at their convenience. The mentoring program will focus on career development, networking and building leadership skills. WICE will provide resources, guidance and activities for mentors and mentees. Social activities such as lunch or coffee may be pursued at the option of both parties and in accordance with the policies of participants’ respective employers.

**Mentors: WICE is seeking those with several years of experience (i.e., 5 or more years) within your field and/or your current organization to be mentors. WICE encourages anyone with interest in helping to develop other talented women in the WICE community who are newer to their fields, or those who have been established for some time but who wish to further develop professionally, to apply to be a mentor. Mentees and the broader WICE community will greatly benefit from your service! We also hope that mentors will expand their professional networks while learning from new perspectives and enhancing their coaching skills.

Please reach out to the WICE membership team at membership@wiceny.com or Poornima Eber, WICE Membership Programming Manager, at poornima.eber@nationalgrid.com, for assistance with any questions about the program.

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If you do not maintain a LinkedIn Profile or would like to provide additional background, please send your current resume to membership@wiceny.com and check the box below to let us know.
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WICE Mentoring Program Guidelines
The mentoring program is designed to provide personal and professional development opportunities. Conversations between mentors and mentees (“participants”) shall be kept confidential unless mutual consent to disclosure is given. Participants must comply with all laws and applicable policies of their employers, including but not limited to those regarding confidentiality, conflicts of interest, gifts and any professional rules governing their professions. Participants should consult their respective ethics or compliance officers, as appropriate, prior to accepting their mentor/mentee matches and beginning the program. If a potential conflict of interest arises after beginning the program, participants should consult with WICE and their ethics or compliance officers to address any changes to their assignments or participation that may be necessary.
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