2018 Caltech Puzzle Hunt feedback
Which team were you on?
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How many people were on your team?
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Prior puzzlehunt experience?
How do you feel about the puzzle difficulty, ignoring Conclusions puzzles?
Too easy
Too hard
How about the hunt's length?
Too short
Too long
Please rate:
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Strongly disagree
Don't know/don't care
I liked the story.
The hints worked well.
The website worked well.
I had fun.
Tock is my favorite character.
No, the Spelling Bee is better.
I would recommend this hunt to experienced solvers next time around
I would recommend this hunt to new solvers the next time around.
My team was about the right size
Comments about your answers above:
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What do you think about the hunt format?
Not limited to: the start date; the unlock structure; the Conclusions round; the sans-serif font
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What were your favorite puzzles?
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What puzzle(s) would you most prefer that we had cut?
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What did you especially like?
Those responsible will print out your comments and bathe in them.
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Any fun stuff to share?
We might share your stories in the wrap-up. You can send us any images/videos/etc at 2018caltechpuzzlehunt@gmail.com.
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